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Some incredible talent we've helped.

  • Bryan
    Patrick helped me get a position with a great new company that increased my salary and help me grow as an account executive. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. He went above and beyond in his job as a recruiter to help me land my new job and I’d highly recommend him to any friends or family who need the assistance of a recruiter in the future.
    Account Executive
  • Preston
    Most of the messages I’ve received from recruiters seemed like pre-made templates that the recruiter just slapped my name on. Adam sent me a message that was simple and to the point and that honesty carried through to our phone conversations. There was no extra garbage and he always seemed to genuinely have my best interest at heart. I have a really great job that I enjoy now and the offer I received was so much better than I expected. I will definitely contact Adam if I ever need another opportunity in the future. Thank you for helping me further my career!
    Account Executive
  • Grant
    Taylor was able to connect me with two companies that had interesting and exciting potential roles for me. Throughout the process, Taylor was respectful of my time and helped schedule interviews around my busy calendar. Ultimately, I ended up with great offers from both companies I interviewed with. Taylor was extremely helpful in guiding me through the offer process and assisting me in choosing the best position for my skill set. I'd recommend Taylor to mid-senior level engineers who are looking for their next engineering position here in Chicago.
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Rane
    Jonathan's sense of humor is one of the most refreshing things I've encountered working with recruiters in Chicago! I enjoy his gift for simultaneously saying it as it is while allowing me to feel comfortable during our job search. He gave me great insights into the tech industry that have helped me find a new programming position, and I recommend working with him if you're interested in moving your coding career to the next level!
    Software Developer
  • Jason
    After my first phone call with Will I felt like we had been friends for years. He made me feel comfortable with him and more importantly with the job search process. All of the opportunities Will presented to me were clear upward moves for me in my career. The pre-interview prep work Will did with me was a driving factor in eventually landing the position I am in now. I always felt like Will had my best interest in mind and not his own; which was one of the biggest differentiators between Will and other recruiters I had interacted with. Lastly, and most importantly, Will brought the opportunity for my current role to ME when I would have never known about it otherwise. For that I am very grateful and appreciative of all the work be did on my behalf.
    Regional Sales Manager

You know your worth, but does your company? We matchmake talented people with life-changing opportunities. Are you looking for...

  • A salary that’s more aligned with your skillset?

  • More opportunity to expand your skills?

  • An easier commute?

  • A chance to advance your career?

  • A better company culture?

  • A more flexible work environment?

Your career search is 100% confidential.

Call it recruiter/talent confidentiality. We will never hit up your employer and your information won't be shared with other companies. So, you can passively or actively job hunt worry free!

We're not your average recruiters. For us, this is a long-term partnership, not a transactional placement. We help you...


Get connected...

Our full-time job is connecting people. We have access to unlisted job openings and personal relationships with hiring managers. Whether you're looking now or down the road, we're here to be your guide.


Know how to grow...

Maybe you're looking for a complete career switch or just wondering how you can get to the next level. Either way, we'll help you figure it out while giving you the tools to take that next step.


Look your best...

We help enhance your resume, prepare for interviews and act as your coach and mentor throughout the process and beyond. We're your evangelists, even negotiating salary to get you the rate you deserve.


Find your match...

We won't "sell" you jobs or recommend roles that aren't a good fit . Our goal is to find you the career of your dreams so your happy, our clients are happy and down the road, you recommend us to your friends.

Here's how it works..

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Meet and Learn

This is all about getting to know you. What are you passionate about? Where would you like to be a year from now? What does your dream company look like? We'll dig in to understand your expectations and aspirations to guide your path.

Warm Introductions

If we have an opportunity that aligns, we'll walk you through it and make warm intros. While most recruiters send 30-40 people per role, we only share 3-5 individuals who we believe perfectly align. So, if we're sharing a role with you, odds are it's the right fit!
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Interview Coaching

Interviews can be stressful but we've got your back. We'll coach you on what types of questions to expect, how you can prepare and will immediately follow-up after each interview round for feedback. You'll always know where you stand and what's coming next.

Offer Negotiation

Don't like negotiating salary and packages? We're here to make sure you get what you deserve. When a client is ready to make an offer, we mediate the entire process. We'll negotiate on your behalf and only share the offer letter when it aligns with your expectations.

"Change can be scary, but you know what’s
scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving and progressing." - Mandy Hale

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