Introducing: The Talent Solvers Refer-a-Friend Program

Welcome to the feel good trifecta.

How can you help a friend grow their career, give to a good cause and line your pockets at the same time?


Four simple steps to spreading the love:

Step One

Send us info on friends who are ready to take the next step in their career.

Step Two

If your referral is hired, we'll reach out to let you know and say thanks!

Step Three

Select a charity listed below and prepare to make an impact on the world.

Step Four

You'll receive confirmation of your $500 charity donation + $500 in cash!

The Talent Solvers Refer-a-Friend Program

We're career consultants, helping to guide talented individuals throughout their career to reach growth milestones. Maybe we helped you take that next step or maybe you simply believe in our mission - either way, if you have a friend looking for professional guidance, we're here to help!

Some of the most talented people we've met have come through an introduction from an individual we supported in their career journey. The Refer-a-Friend program is a great way for us to cultivate more of these intros while helping you put a little cash in your pocket at the same time.


The Charities

Change the world! Select from one of the below charities and we'll donate $500 in your name when a referral is hired.


Give the Gift of Water

At Waterboys, NFL players team up with fans in support of a single shared cause: providing clean, accessible drinking water to communities in need.

Your $500 donation will save 70,000 hours spent on water retrieval and provide water access to ten households.

Sponsor an Animal

Give life back to a doggy, kitty or horse in need. You can even pick out the exact animal you want to sponsor!

Check out the site and let us know which little fuzz ball you'd like to donate your $500 to save.



Help Stop Hunger

Every 15 seconds around the world, another child dies from hunger and related causes. Together we can change this, by both addressing immediate food needs when emergencies hit, and by empowering families and communities to grow food reliably and sustainably. And thanks to grant funds, your gifts will multiply 4 times in impact!

Support our Heroes

Operation Gratitude sends Care Packages to our American heroes who serve bravely and selflessly, including U.S. Troops, First Responders, Veterans, Military Families, and Wounded Heroes & their Care Givers.

Your $500 donation will send 35 Care Packages to our troops!


You have questions? We have answers.

How many friends can I refer?
As many as you want! We're here to help guide talented individuals throughout their career. Maybe we don't have a perfect position for that friend of yours yet, but we're always happy to help prepare them for the future.
Do I need to file this on my taxes?
Cash payments of more than $600 per year are required to be reported to the IRS. So, if you refer two or more placed candidates per year with Talent Solvers, we'll provide you with a Form 1099 to report this income on your taxes.
When will I get paid?
90-days after your referred friends start date, we'll send confirmation of the charity donation along with your cash. Time to take your friend out to dinner and celebrate!
Who should I refer?
At Talent Solvers, we specialize in placing technology, freight and logistics talent. We're always on the hunt for great engineers, sales reps, branch managers and team leaders. That being said, we've also helped marketers, customer support and more land their dream jobs at companies of all shapes and sizes. If you know somebody who isn't getting the growth opportunity they deserve, we're here to help!

A few of the rock stars we've helped...

  • Janice Yee
    Jonathan has a perfect blend of warm personality, sense of humor, and professionalism. He really knows how to connect with me as his client. He's attentive and on-target in his effort to search for the perfect role for me. He understands that I wanted not only a job, but a job that puts me on the right career track. He checks in from time to time, from the start till the time I've landed on the right job. He gives good advice and I truly value his professional opinions as they are genuine and candid.
    Janice Yee
    Sr Software Engineer
  • Al
    My experience with Taylor at Talent Solvers was unique and positive. I felt that I was able to trust him throughout the process. Even though I wasn't his client, he treated me with the utmost respect and took a genuine interest in what was best for both me and the company. He wasn't just trying to close the deal. As we moved on an offer, Taylor was great with putting me at ease, negotiating on my behalf, and being proactive about any questions I may have forgotten. Overall, excellent communication and a very positive experience throughout.
    Technical Project Manager
  • Jason
    After my first phone call with Will I felt like we had been friends for years. He made me feel comfortable with him and more importantly with the job search process. All of the opportunities Will presented to me were clear upward moves for me in my career. The pre-interview prep work Will did with me was a driving factor in eventually landing the position I am in now. I always felt like Will had my best interest in mind and not his own; which was one of the biggest differentiators between Will and other recruiters I had interacted with. Lastly, and most importantly, Will brought the opportunity for my current role to ME when I would have never known about it otherwise. For that I am very grateful and appreciative of all the work be did on my behalf.
    Regional Sales Manager


Complete the form below to refer your friend and receive $500 in a charitable donation PLUS $500 in cash when they start their new role!