project44 Accelerates Hiring Velocity and Throughput by 240% with Talent Solvers

  • We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without Talent Solvers. Through each round of our funding, we’ve relied on Talent Solvers to help us find the incredible talent we need to scale, fast. They found our CTO, CRO, VP of Marketing, SDR's, AE's, Engineers, Product and even our in-house Recruiting Team. They are selfless in their quest to be an extension of our brand. I’d confidently recommend Talent Solvers to any company who believes in hiring only the best and the brightest to fuel their growth!
    Jett McCandless, CEO & Founder

project44 (1)

project44 is the world’s leading advanced visibility platform for shippers and third-party logistics firms.

Founded: 2014

Year project44 Partnered with Talent Solvers: 2015 - Present

Industry Categories: Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, Finance, Freight Service, Logistics, Personal Branding, Personal Finance, SaaS, Shipping, Transportation

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Total Funding Amount: $90.5M

IPO Status: Private

project44 connects, automates, and provides visibility into key transportation processes to accelerate insights and shorten the time it takes to turn those insights into actions. Employees at project44 solve the most demanding global shipping problems with leading-edge technology and a team determined to change the way the world ships.


The Challenge

Accelerating Hiring After Funding

After closing their Series B funding round, project44 had to aggressively increase hiring velocity.

With no internal recruiting team developed at that time, they needed a partner who knew the market, had a proven recruiting process and could hire quality talent, fast - all while building out an internal team to eventually lead project44's future hiring needs.

Jett McCandless, CEO & Founder

Building a recruiting team from scratch would’ve taken months if not years to be fully ramped. We needed 50+ hires in the next 90 days, so this simply wasn’t an option for us. Recruiting is all about trust. You bring in the wrong person on the front lines and you’re going to make the wrong hires, which has an exponential impact on the success of the business.

Talent Solvers was a part of project44 in our infancy, literally, at four to five employees, They helped with founding team hires including our COO and VP of Marketing, so we knew they had a good eye for talent and were the ideal partner for this next phase of growth.

The Solution

Partner with Talent Solvers to Hire the Talent Needed Today and a Growth Team for the Future

Talent Solvers and project44 agreed on a 90-day RPO (recruiting process outsourcing), where Talent Solvers would be onsite to fulfill immediate hiring needs while building an internal recruiting team that would own hiring for project44 after the contract ended.

Parker McNamara, Director of Talent Acquisition

In Talent Solvers, we gained onsite market expertise with one of the few (if not possibly the only) recruiting teams that truly understands the cross-section of technology and transportation.

They know the entire 3PL and Enterprise SaaS market and brought them together to identify the exact talent we were looking for. In addition, they prepared us to be essentially self-sustaining, building and training an in-house team to fulfill future needs.

The Results

Hiring Velocity up 240% and a New Internal Recruiting Team

Prior to the RPO, project44 was hiring four to five new employees per month. In the 90-days Talent Solvers was onsite, they hired 50 new employees (a hiring velocity increase of 240%)! This included a three-person recruiting team, fully ramped and building a talent pipeline of their own.

While onsite, the Talent Solvers team also wrote job descriptions, trained hiring managers on best practices and advised on compensation,  building the foundation for future success.

Will Hansmann, Chief Technology Officer

In working with Talent Solvers, I found them to be responsive and professional with strong follow up. Their commitment to finding the right fit is genuine and refreshing. They supported my personal journey in engaging this amazing opportunity, and have gone on to support the growth of my team in a tight talent market. I'd recommend them to any company in high-growth mode looking for experts to help with hiring high impact people.

The Results

project44 Discusses the Opening of the New Talent Solvers Office in Chicago

“We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Talent Solvers since our inception. Their recruiting team helped to facilitate our rapid growth from ten employees to more than 200 today,” said Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO of project44. “With their permanent presence in Chicago, we look forward to furthering our partnership with them as our strategic partner for recruiting top talent.”

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