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July 17, 2019

How to Transition from Individual Contributor to Manager

What got you here won’t get you there. If you're looking to transition from an individual contributor to a manager, take these steps first.
July 2, 2019

When to hire a Freight and Logistics Recruiter

In the lifecycle of any company there comes a time when you could use the help of an experienced Freight and Logistics Recruiter. If you're faced with one of these scenarios, it's probably time to call up a recruiting partner.
July 2, 2019

50 Quotes to Ignite and Inspire your Career Growth

Calm your nerves, boost your confidence and ignite change in your life with these 50 career growth quotes from leaders.
June 26, 2019
Recruiting Freight Logistics Technical

Second-guessing a job offer? Do this before making any moves.

Accepting a new job offer is a huge decision, but before you rush to find an escape route, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to answer the following questions.
June 20, 2019

4 Tools to Easily Up Your Resume Game

Four easy (and free, or incredibly close to it!) tools you can use to create a resume that looks like it was perfected by a professional!
June 18, 2019

Happy with your job? 4 Reasons why you Should Still talk with a Recruiter

Recruiters are hitting you up left and right, but why respond? Here are four reasons why you should still pick up the phone the next time that recruiter calls.
June 13, 2019

How to avoid all of the biggest resume mistakes

Are you a podcast fan? FastCompany has dedicated all of season 3 of their popular, Secrets of the Most Productive People podcast to all you need to know about getting a job and excelling in your career!
June 12, 2019

5 TED Talks to Watch Before Your Next Interview

Feeling a little stressed, perhaps anxious and queasy about the upcoming interview? Set aside an hour and watch the following TED talks for the extra dose of courage and confidence you need to succeed!
June 4, 2019

What we Learned About Hiring and Retaining top Talent at Transparency19 Waves

For those of you unable to attend, or anyone looking for a refresher on the Transparency19 Conference, we recapped our favorite quotes, comments and insights on hiring and retention discussed over the three-day event.
May 31, 2019

3 Hiring “Red Flags” That Aren’t Really Red Flags

With the rate of unemployment declining and the job market tightening, hiring and retaining top talent is harder than ever. To make matters worse, there remain a few antiquated theories on hiring “red flags” that we’ve found to be either outdated or, at the very least, deserve a second look.
May 13, 2019

What separates a good recruiter from a great one?

We interviewed a few of the recruiters at Talent Solvers to hear what they believe separates a good recruiter from a great recruiter.
May 1, 2019

Ask these questions before you write another job description

Read our article on TLNT to learn how to write job descriptions that "wow!"
April 30, 2019

35 Inspirational Quotes to Guide Your Recruiting and Hiring

35 Inspirational Quotes to Guide Your Recruiting and Hiring
April 29, 2019

Creating a Meaningful Candidate Experience

Four recruiters share examples and best practices they've learned throughout the years to help create incredible candidate experiences.
April 25, 2019

Talent Solvers Hires Director of Marketing to Lead Branding During Rapid Expansion

Talent Solvers appoints Elle Morgan, a marketing leader with extensive experience in digital, content and strategy to head the recruiting firm's marketing operations.
April 8, 2019

Invest Now, Save Later: The True Cost of a Bad Hire

While partnering with a recruiting firm may sound like an additional expense, the ultimate costs associated with an open position or selecting the wrong talent extends far beyond any commission fee.
March 6, 2019

Talent Solvers Accelerates Growth with Opening of New Office in Chicago’s River North Area

Talent Solvers, a leading recruiting company that blends cutting-edge technology with deep industry experience in freight, engineering and logistics, announced today the opening of their newest office in Chicago’s River North district to support the team’s rapid growth and access the region’s thriving talent pool.
February 21, 2019

Sales, Marketing and Operations Recruiter(s) – Hiring for multiple roles, Jr – Sr

Talent Solvers is hiring! Join a fast-growing team today!
October 12, 2018

Social Media & Recruiting

Between evaluating candidates’ qualifications and pre-screening their personal lives, social media is changing the way companies are hiring their future employees.
October 12, 2018

Recruiting College Grads

With so many candidates how are companies supposed to manage the influx of applications, conduct interviews, and hire the best talent they can find all within a small time frame?  Here are four tips for companies looking to hire some of the 1.8 million college grads.
October 12, 2018

What’s better a degree or experience?

What’s better a degree or experience? Learn how to pick out the best candidates based on experience.