Start YOUR Recruiting Agency.

I started my recruiting business 5 years ago and had the typical ups and downs you would expect.  When my agency's business took a down turn, I was looking for some viable options to help boost my income.  I discovered Talent Solvers while performing an online search and reached out to them.  They were different from the other options I was looking at because they wanted to partner with me instead of contracting their hard-to-find positions to me.  They have helped me to completely transform how I prospect for new clients and how i recruit excellent candidates.  They are always very eager and willing to assist us when we need some help.  My agency's outlook has vastly improved since I partnered with Talent Solvers and it is clearly the best decision I have made since starting the business.

Burt Isch, Agency Owner

Talent Solvers

Are you a Direct Hire recruiter billing out $200k+ per year?

Do you make at least 1 permanent (direct-hire) placement every month?

Will you take home low six-figures, or even less this year?

Make More Money Doing What You Love.

Talent Solvers provides experienced Direct-Hire recruiters the opportunity to do what you know and love while earning a LOT more money in the process. With our program, you can reap the rewards of going into business FOR yourself, without all the obstacles that come with going into business BY yourself.

We Offer...

  • Extensive Hands-On Training
  • Innovative, Proprietary Technology
  • Amazing Tax Benefits
  • Top-Notch Agent Support
  • A Proven System for Exponential Growth
  • A Chance To Be Your Own Boss

Focus On What Matters Most.

As an independent Agency owner, you’ll be in in charge of the two most critical elements of running a successful recruiting agency (the key things that put money in your pocket):

  1. Getting clients
  2. Recruiting candidates

The Talent Solvers Agency ownership opportunity is a chance to follow a simple, proven process to growing your own business. You can have a meaningful career that delivers financial growth, time freedom, and a full autonomy in what you do, without all the hardship of “going it alone”.

We Take The Toughest Parts Off Your Plate

If you join our program, we will help you START, MANAGE and GROW an insanely successful recruiting agency WITHOUT having to deal with the most frustrating parts of starting or running your own business.

As your recruiting partner, we cover the time consuming "back office" stuff like contracts, legal support, billing, websites, marketing, collections, scheduling, technology, and of course ongoing top-notch support. We’re constantly making your job easier so you can continually focus on the things that put money in your pocket.

High Rewards, Minimal (AKA Zero) Costs

The Talent Solvers Agent partnership is a “Franchise-Like Opportunity”. It’s a chance to own your own recruiting business WITHOUT upfront franchise costs. In fact, the ONLY “up-front cost” you’d have with our program is the cost to come out to our HQ in Denver for 2-days of on- site training …

That's it.

  • If you bill out $150k, your revenue will be $120k.
  • If you bill out $400k, your revenue will be $320k.
  • If you bill out $1M, your revenue will be $800k.

Not bad, eh?

This Is The Chance You've Been Waiting For.

If you have a fearless attitude toward sales, business development, and long-term relationships, and the desire to organize, operate and grow your own recruiting multi-million-dollar direct-hire recruiting business, this is your chance to take control of your destiny.

Don’t wait. Let’s set up a call to discuss how you can set yourself up for a long, profitable career as a business owner in the recruiting industry.

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